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Day 29 of March is for African Music Month

Song: Siri Ya Penzi

Artist: Shaa

Country: Tanzania

Shaa is an extremely talented female artist from Tanzania. She has been in Dar es Salaam’s music scene since 2004 when she was in the band Wakilisha. After this big hit song “Hoi,” she gained popularity and eventually started her solo career in 2008 with MJ Records. This career has been very successful thusfar. Her latest album released in 2010 “Zamu Yangu” meaning “It’s my turn” proves that Shaa is a great contender in the contest for Tanzania’s best artist.

This song illustrates why Shaa remains one of Tanzania’s biggest stars. It is catchy and fun. It is Shaa’s latest single and the first from her upcoming album.


We’ve quickly put together this summary edit for International Women’s Day. It explains why combining radio and ICTs is so important and how rural women struggle with mobile phone access.

As part of Fieldcraft’s Project Tanzania we spent the afternoon with Bart Sullivan, ICT and radio specialist with Farm Radio International, in Arusha Tanzania.

Farm Radio International is a Canadian charity working with over 400 radio broadcasters in 38 African countries to fight poverty and food insecurity.

Find out more about Farm Radio International http://www.farmradio.org

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"Chokoza" by Kenyan female artists Marya and Avril. This song is about girls who want to go to the club and have fun, but don’t want guys to try to take dancing with them too seriously. If you like this song, you will LOVE this week’s episode of Obruni Radio. This week’s show is all about the Bonga Flava of Kenya and Tanzania. Kenyan DJ JayJay and I will be playing all of the biggest hits from East Africa. You can stream it LIVE today on WIUX (www.wiux.org/stream) from noon to one eastern time.