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The last Obruni Radio →

I am graduating this weekend and moving to Ghana. Thus, today (Thursday, May 3) from 10-midnight eastern time, the last Obruni Radio will grace the WIUX airwaves. The show will feature two hours of music from around the continent of Africa.

Thank you to all that have listened to me DJ on WIUX for the past four years! You all have helped me to keep myself up to date on African music and news and allowed me to share my love of all things African. Obruni Radio and WIUX mean so much to me. Though it is really hard to say goodbye to this chapter in my life, I know this is not the end of my musical journey throughout the continent of Africa. I hope that you all can tune in for my final show, and as always thanks for listening to Obruni Radio!

This week’s episode of Obruni Radio will be exploring the West African nation of Mali. Mali experienced a coup last week. Thus, this week’s show will be exploring the reasons for and the predicted results of this coup.

In honor of this show here is the video for Malian duo Amadou and Mariam’s new single “Wily Kataso.”